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Creating a Compassionate and Brave Space

Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing experiences we can have. We are often surprised by the things that parenthood shows us about ourselves, our relationships, and our life circumstances. Turns out, the realities of becoming a parent are generally different than the picture we had painted in our mind.

Inevitably, our identity, roles, and priorities change. It can be easy to feel out of balance or lost...and left wondering "What happened?...I thought this was supposed to be a joyous time?" 


As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) trained in Perinatal Mental Health, my role is to help you unpack the complex emotions that can come with becoming a new parent. My approach is client-driven, strengths-oriented, and founded in evidence-based practices. I will meet with you where you are in your journey, coming alongside as you learn about yourself and grow as an individual.

The process of settling in to the parent role can look differently for each person.  Click below to learn more about the different types of support I provide.


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Learn About Me

I love my job... I believe we have the innate ability to heal and grow through our struggles - sometimes we just need a bit of guidance finding our way. I feel honored to witness this journey with clients every day.


As new parents, our world can feel turned upside down....and sometimes, we try to appear like we have it all together. We may crave that old feeling of normalcy and predictability.  The downside, however is that "having it all together" takes a ton of effort during a time when you don't have it to give.  Often, the best we can do as new parents is survive...but I want you to know that with help, you can find your own unique brand of parenting...and thrive.


What To Expect At Your Visits

For me to support you best, I work hard to understand how you see the world...and your current situation.  I ask lots of questions to get to know YOU.  With time, you anchor into the space we create  and begin to trust the therapy process.  We work together to determine appropriate goals and we are off...healing, growth, and "better" awaits.


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